Deep within the blogosphere of the world wide web, the first incarnation of Burgerlords was birthed in 2012 as a good ole, homegrown marketing ploy.  Home to thousands of found photos and related burger ephemera, the blog enjoyed a substantial following before we all moved on to Instagram.

Fast forward to 2015, we have emerged as a full blown blog to table restaurant with locations in Chinatown, Los Angeles & Highland Park.  Modeled after classic no-gimmick burger institutions, we’ve crafted a menu to fit any appetite.  Just as much care goes into our beef as it does our veggies.  We serve an 80/20 blend of Grade A Nebraska chuck beef.  While our Vegan Burger is made fresh in house everyday with a custom blend of vegetables, grains & spices.  

In addition to food offerings, Burgerlords has joined forces with our creative network to create an entire “burger world” around the restaurant. This will include everything from merchandise to special events to collaborative pop-ups. Burgerlords aims to be a unique space that serves to foster a dynamic and exciting burger-loving community around it.



What’s in the Vegan Burger?
Our vegan burger is made fresh, in house everyday.  It consists of a custom blend of vegetables, grains & spices that includes nuts, gluten & soy.  Please feel free to email us with any specific allergy concerns.

Do you have gluten free buns?
We have yet to find a gluten free that meets our standards of deliciousness, but we will gladly do a protein style lettuce wrap anytime.  If you have a suggestion for a good bun option, we’re all ears!

I’m here, where are you!? Where do I Park?
CHINATOWN is nestled deep inside of the historic Central Plaza.  If you see the gateways on Broadway or Hill, stroll inside at we’re smack dab in the middle!  There’s plenty of metered parking on the streets (make sure to check for time restrictions) otherwise there are paid lots directly next to us on Broadway or College.  We are also a block off the Chinatown stop on Metro Gold Line.  Walk straight off the train though the apts and there we are!  

HIGHLAND PARK is inside of The Hi Hat music venue with a walk up window on York. There’s plenty of metered parking on the streets (make sure to check for time restrictions) otherwise there are metered lots on Meridan & Ave 51 or Lincoln & Ave 51.

Is vegan cooked on separate grill?
While our vegan burger is not cooked on a separate grill, it is partitioned in half so it is cooked on a separate portion reserved specifically for vegan burgers and buns.  We use separate utensils as well.

Are your fries vegan?
Yup!  They are cooked in 100% Rice Bran Oil and nothing else is cooked in our fryers to avoid any cross contamination of the oil.

Do you deliver?
Yes!  We offer delivery/pick-up exclusively through Caviar!

Can I phone/email/DM in an order?
Sorry, we don’t take to go orders over the phone or social media.  We don’t even have a phone,  but we do have a google voicemail so feel free to leave a message!  Best place for up to the minute news is to follow our instagram: @burgerlords. If we haven’t answered your question here, best bet is to email us: eat@burgerlords.com

Do you cater?
We sometimes do catering if timing permits, feel free to email proposals to: eat@burgerlords.com


Do you have a food truck?
We currently do not have a food truck.  Budweiser rented one for us specifically for their Budland festival. 

What’s Burger Merger?
Burger Merger is our sporadic, guest chef residency.  We realize our menu is tiny, so this our way of running specials by teaming up with some of our favorite local restaurants.  




Google Voicemail: (323) 405-4012