The next logical step for the Guerreros seemed obvious. It was time to bring their expansive study of burger devotion to the people, with a restaurant that would celebrate burger culture in all its glory. Burgerlords is modeled after classic no-gimmick burger institutions and will feature convenient take-out window service along with both covered and uncovered patio seating for dining. The burgers will be made from the highest quality ingredients possible, sourced from both local and national vendors, for a delicious end result worthy of the admiration of burger aficionados the world over. 


In addition to food offerings, Burgerlords will capitalize on the creative connections the Guerreros have built over time, thanks in part to their popular Highland Park art gallery, Slow Culture, to create an entire burger world around the restaurant, which will include everything from t-shirts to stickers to collaborative art projects.  This project will be the perfect intersection for Fred and Max Guerrero’s diverse backgrounds, which span both extensive restaurant experience as well as years of Los Angeles art world and creative space involvement; much like Slow Culture is to outsider art, Burgerlords will be a unique space that serves to foster a dynamic and exciting burger-loving community around it. 



Monday - Friday 11:00AM - 8:PM