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Contact: eat@burgerlords.com | (323) 405-4012 (voicemail)

Brand Identity: Radical Co-Operative
Menu Photos: David Lopez
Illustrations: Eric McHenry

Burgerlords is a Hamburger Business reimagining the nostalgia of fast food for the modern day diet. Inspired by the legacy of Los Angeles fast food,  we are paying homage to the tradition of eating out for a new generation of diners.  Through top notch hospitality in a comforting environment, Burgerlords aspires to your go to restaurant for any and every occasion.

While we are not a 100% vegan restaurant, our goal is to provide real food options regardless of dietary preference. Hamburgers start with never frozen, Grade A Nebraska Angus beef.  Our Burgerlords® Vegan Patties are meticulously made from scratch everyday using a custom blend of vegetables, grains & nuts.  Vegan milkshakes are also crafted in house using Soom Tahini, Almond Milk & Soy Milk.  Our ethos are rooted in that of diversity and we hope that by providing an innovative menu uniting all diets that we can provide a communal dining experience unlike any other.

Why Hamburger Business?
Burgerlords is more than just a restaurant.  In addition to food offerings, Burgerlords has joined forces with our creative network to create an all-encompassing “burger world” around the restaurant. This will include everything from merchandise to special events to collaborative pop-ups. From the music playing in the restaurant to the artwork on the walls, it is important for us to find creative outlets not only in our food, but in every touch point of our business. Burgerlords aims to be a unique space that serves to foster a dynamic and exciting burger-loving community around it.